2019, allons-y (let’s go)! 

Oh hey there lil blog, it’s been a while. Not to worry, I’m back onboard now!

Where has she been? Well, to save you from the ins and outs of my humdrum dramas, I have been living my Disney life in Sydney and have been focusing on self preservation. Cute, I know haha. But why? (so many questions)

*RECAP* 2018 was a challenging year. I kicked off a massive self-realisation journey. As with most things, even magic, this is taking time. Perhaps there is no end date though, and that’s just the beauty of life. Hakuna matata!

Part of this journey was my decision to uproot my life, turn it on it’s head and swap a life of advertising and boozing in Australia for one of hospitality (and boozing, s’il vous plaît) in France. Je suis tres excite. However, with all of the life admin required for such an epic change, including moving house, learning French, organising my visa and commuting to work (4 hours a day, eek), my quality blog time dwindled. Rather than forcing myself to write through times where I was not able to commit my full attention to le blog, I decided to push pause. And now…

PLAY – Let’s get started again!

Drum roll please… THIS DISNEY LOVING GAL IS MOVING TO PARIS IN 12 DAYS. Cue “dreams come true” music ha!

Disney has played a leading role in my “Paris preparation”. Shocking! Diving a little deeper, this has taken shape in a few different ways:

Disneyland Paris.

With the great wide world being so wide and all, I needed a guiding light to send me on my way. With Disney at my heart, Disneyland Paris was the most obvious place. Not only is Paris an incredible city, full of hospitality opportunity (literally the birthplace of restaurants post the revolution, cool huh?!), but it also happens to be home to a Disney park that I am yet to visit.

The whole idea behind my trip is to “find myself” and explore new opportunities while I am young, wild and free / single and ready for a pringle. Discovering Paris and a new Disney park at the same time sounds pretty damn magical to me. Don’t worry, I’m pinching myself.

Walt’s advice.

If you know me, you will know that Walt’s “dream it, do it” advice has been nothing short of life changing and/or shaping. Well, as with any major life decision, there are always moments of hesitation, moments of doubt. However, I consider myself really freakin lucky. Always guiding my decisions (or at least trying to ) with Walt’s inspiration, I am able to turn to a “dream it, do it” frame of mind and shake any worries away. After all, “all of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” (Walt Disney, duh). Ain’t nobody going to tell me I don’t have courage ha! It is as though Walt is reminding me of who I am. He is reminding me that I need a life that is true to me, and no one else. So it’s simple, I have dreamt of a life abroad and… I’m god damn doing it!

Would a princess settle? (NB: 100% not calling myself a princess)

What do you think any of the princesses would do when they find their life at a crossroads? Would they “settle” for a facade? No! More than that, I’m pretty sure that each princess has a story based around something “being missing”. Belle is missing a life of intellect and compassion, Moana is missing her water loving freedom and Ariel obviously wants damn legs ha. Perhaps just like the princesses, this will be where my story becomes really exciting. Not one that will rake in billions of dollars, but one worth telling. Perhaps.  

It’s time to make like a princess and take a leap of faith.

French Online Disney community. 

As you know, the online Disney community has provided a great deal of support over the past year. I have felt connected to people that I am yet to meet and have been more comfortable with my Disney passion than ever before. You could say that they have helped me to let my freak flag fly haha. It just so happens that there is a major presence in France. Not too surprising, I know, but the French Disney lovers have a certain je ne sais quoi. They are exciting, expressive, quirky and friendly all in one. Meeting a few new french pals that share my love of Disney will be wonderful! I have already organised to meet one. It should be cute. 

So, I suppose all that is left to say now is hello again, or rebonjour (that’s a thing)!  I am back for good and can’t wait to see where 2019 and this little blog will take me. My life is certainly full of magical moments and I look forward to sharing them with you xx



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