The Flavours of a magical moment.

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The past few months have been full of food. Not just any food, but inspiring flavours from across Europe. How lucky am I?

As you know, sharing is caring. I’d love to share a few of my most memorable flavour discoveries. If you like, why not take these flavours as inspiration for your own meal creations? One of my favourite things to do is combine new flavours and just see what happens. Why not?! If a flavour experiment can come from the list below, that would be fantastic. Get creative and let me know what you create.

Why these flavours?

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If this were the America’s Next Top Model of flavours (should that not be a show?!), the below flavours have made the cut. They are the top picks from a plethora of eats I have enjoyed across Europe as of late (trust me, I have been eating up a real storm). These are the combinations that have struck me. Some are simple, some are unexpected, but all have added a little something magical to my life. These flavours each represent a magical moment. A moment of enjoying life, exploring a new culture and tasting something damn nice!

For me, food represents so much more than sustenance. Food makes memories. Over the coming months I will add in the memories and meaning behind each flavour. For now, take a look and feel free to ask any questions.

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The Flavours. 

ITALY | Rome and Florence 

  • Spinach, ricotta ravioli
  • Tomato, garlic, balsamic, gnocchi
  • Garlic mussels
  • Truffle

SLOVENIA | Lake Bled

  • Hummus, pickles, capsicum


  • Baked cabbage, almond hazelnut potatoes, radish, sprouts
  • Porridge with seeds and cranberries

QATAR | Doha

  • Iranian sweets, khnafeh
  • Salad – Watermelon,  feta, balsamic, rocket
  • Babaganoush, tabouli, olives
  • Fatoush

HUNGARY | Budapest  

  • Fresh paprika, tomato, radish, cheese board with spread (cream cheese, creme fresh, chives, capsicum, paprika, cumin)
  • Fried pasta veggie soup (carrot, celeriac, potato, tomato, stock, onion, paprika, cumin)
  • Chicken paprikash with pasta 
  • Bread and butter pudding 
  • Salad – cucumber with creme fresh
  • Salted eggplant slices

AUSTRIA | Vienna 

  • Artichoke and sheep’s cheese with olive
  • Chilli, goat’s cheese, paprika
  • Date with sheep’s cheese and walnut


  • Blue cheese veggies with pesto spinach
  • Labneh with lemon and pistachios
  • Fried cheese
  • Sweet dumplings (poppy seed, apricot, plum, strawberry)
  • Eggplant schnitzel
  • Salad – Shredded carrot and beetroot

GERMANY | Berlin 

  • Sweets – poppyseed cake, rum balls, vanilla pastry
  • Cheesy onion gnocchi
  • Halloumi and falafel plates
  • Scrambled tofu
  • Dense seed bread
  • Veggie burger

NETHERLANDS | Amsterdam 

  • Salmon ricotta lettuce sandwich
  • Cheesy pasta
  • Hummus and tomato toasty
  • Indonesian chutney and crackers
  • Cured salmon crackers

ENGLAND | Cambridge 

  • Pumpkin bread
  • Stuffed green peppers
  • Sausage roll
  • Strawberry cucumber water
  • Spinach ricotta pie
  • Eggplant tomato focaccia
  • Blue cheese rocket pizza
  • Ricotta brownie
  • Chelsea bun
  • Salad – warm lentils with goats cheese spinach tomato mushroom
  • Camembert sourdough and caramelised onions

ENGLAND | London

  • Quinoa nut roast with parsnips greens and tomato sauce
  • Leek/onion toasty with cheese mix
  • Harrods
    • pastries, tarts
    • squash stuffed with chopped onion, leek, capers, cashews, sultanas
    • super greens tart (leek, spinach, broccoli, kale, pesto quiche)
  • Bimimpap (zucchini, sweet rice, seeds, egg, soy sauce/vinegar, carrot, mushrooms, cabbage, chilli)
  • Indian kohi lamb | garlic onion spinach spicey hot spinach
  • Blue cheese, sweet potato borough pie
  • Onion, olive, rosemary, tomato, cheese focaccia
  • Mediterranean bowl (barley, hummus, tabouli,’onion, falafel, pickle, chilli
  • Generator beans, mushrooms, mustard, eggs)
  • Fresh guac and chips 
  • Jamie’s pizza
    • pasatta, garlic, basil / ricotta, mozzarella, nutmeg, capers, olives, garlic, chilli, basil, rocket, mushroom, tomato, blitzed spinach
  • Salad – carrot, cabbage, coriander, tofu, seeds, rice, edamame, sesame and soy sauce, avo, lettuce
  • Yotam Ottolenghi
    • Grilled grapes
    • Burrata and basil
    • Parpadelle with harissa, olives and capers
    • Lettuce Salad with avocado/tahini/lemon dressing
    • Chilli garlic broccoli
    • Goats cheese fennel chunks, pomegranate
    • Tabouli, asparagus cauliflower, garlic nut eggplant
    • Pesto pretzel, goats cheese danish
    • Onion Parmesan focaccia
  • PORTUGAL | Lisbon
    • River clams with garlic butter, bread
    • Ceviche and sweet potato, sushi, oysters
    • Fish with baked apple, potatoes
    • Octopus salad
    • Egg cream pastries
  • FRANCE | Paris 
    • Asparagus with garlic butter (Le Cordon Bleu) 
    • Cheese with bread | fig bread | olive oil fennel bread | nut bread
    • Soft boiled eggs with soldiers 
    • Berry veggie tart radicchio salad with citrus dressing
    • Burrata
    • Veggie burrito
    • Cheese scone with chilli jam
    • Açai bowl
    • Pepper popcorn
    • Goat’s cheese, honey, nuts
    • Potato sesame soup 
    • Salad – salmon with radicchio, potato, lemon and chives, lettuce, mustard
    • Truffle Mac and cheese with filo pastry prawns
    • Salad – Lettuce, cucumber, tatziki, paprika, egg mushroom

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