Self care for a server. The basics.

As far as I can tell, being a quality server (much like being a quality human) demands a lot. People take that for granted. Scratch that, when I say people, I mean me. Before I started the most intense server job of my life, I really took my mental and physical energy for granted. Of course looking after myself was a priority, but now it has become a matter of absolute necessity. It is like a battlefield out there. Survival of the fittest is real. If I am not “perfectly prepped” or “on point” my service will be less than. We can’t have that. That would just be the tip of a shit iceberg. No thanks.

To keep it short and sweet at this stage, here are my top requirements for server self care. These are the things that a quality server (and probably anyone in a hospitality role) need to look after each day. It takes time, a bit of effort sure, but most importantly it takes a promise to be the best version of yourself. After all, being a server is all about attention to detail, spirit and communication. If you have an empty cup, how can you fill someone else’s? You know what I mean.

Server self care must do’s:

  1. Good sleep
  2. Good nutrition – balance between energy, hydration, fun
  3. Good fitness – listening to the body – low impact, stretching
  4. At least two or three outlets – wine, movies, exploring new areas
  5. Good friends – teammates, as well as those who know nothing about the role
  6. positive attitude – acknowledging the special nature of the role
  7. Self esteem and gratitude
  8. Coffee, how could I forget?!
  9. All of this ties into mindfulness
  10. Attitude is everything

I’ll elaborate over the next few posts. Have a little think and take these points in to consideration the next time you interact with a server.


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