How about a glass?

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The wonderful world of wine is calling me. No matter where I am, what type of mood I am in, or who I am with. It is always a good time to enjoy a wine (or two). Wine has a way of calming me down, of setting a moment and making it, well… magical. Yes, wine is social and important to be shared. We all know that. Sometimes I think I might stay with my date purely because I am enjoying the wine haha (oh gosh, that sounds bad).

However, my time in France has also taught me the beauty of enjoying a solo glass. Not in an alcoholic kind of way, but in a magical moment way. You know I am all about appreciating the moment and taking it all in. Being present is a major goal this year. Wine happens to be the perfect cherry on top, if you will. It took moving across the world and jumping out of my comfort zone to learn that. Is it because the wine is better in France? I don’t think so (and I don’t necessarily think it is better here, just different). I think it is because I have given myself the space to enjoy something just for myself. Back home I was all about being something for someone else, here I am all about me (not “all”, but you know what I mean). It’s a time of self discovery. Wine has played a leading role.

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This leading role has come into play by way of a solo glass. The slowing down of the hustle and bustle. Taking that first sip after a long day really feels like a pause. To really taste the wine, you genuinely need to pause. Smell, taste and reflect. Soaking in the aromas takes the bulk of your senses. If that is not a precious (aka magical) moment, I don’t know what is. After the first sip, it becomes about rest and appreciation. Appreciation of the moment and a different, more genuine layer of clarity. With my mental health challenges, clarity is priceless. Somehow the experience of a solo wine makes a huge difference.

What does this mean for me? Well… Over the past six months or so, I have been actively increasing my wine knowledge. Traveling across Europe, studying WSET in London and exploring various French wine regions, I have been building up memories, experiences and seeing winemaking first hand. Each time, I feel invigorated and want to keep learning more. That’s another beautiful thing about the world of wine, there is always more to learn. It’s endless.

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Current wine regions visited:

  • Australia: Mudgee, Orange
  • Canada: Okanagan
  • NZ: Nelson
  • France: Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux
  • Italy: Tuscany
  • Portugal: Lisbon

Wines tasted in their local cities:

  • Budapest
  • Prague
  • DC
  • Melbourne
  • Berlin
  • Ljubljana

So…. Is a career in wine in my future? Watch this space!


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