Why I am taking this wine thing seriously.

So, what do you want to do with your life? Why are you in France? 

A day does not go by without these questions. People seem perplexed by what it is that I want to do. Newsflash, it’s not their business. Yet, they do all continue to ask. Trust me. Why did a woman with honours in political science and a comfortable advertising role with clear progression quit and move across the world to work in a cafe? Or, why did you give it all up? That is the real question. Agreed, it’s a slight plot twist. Thank goodness though. It would be a pretty average life story if everything was planned by my mid twenties. Average just won’t do. Do you even know me? ha

Luckily, I certainly don’t give a fuck about what strangers think of me. There is a very small handful of people with opinions that I really care about. They know who they are. Within that carefully selected group is myself. Being asked the same questions over and over has made me analyse my motivations. I have to configure a valid response without wanting to punch someone, or judge myself. After all, if I gained one thing from poli sci it is my talent for analysis. God I’m good at it haha. With that being said, I’ll let you in on my top reasons for deciding on a new career in the wine industry. Hopefully a long one!

Before diving in, I should also remind you that the science of analysis can only go so far. After that comes… well, religion. (Heard that one before?) Not in the church-y way, but in the way that this detailed understanding of my is grounded in my quite serious process of self realisation throughout the past 9 months. Moving overseas really makes you decide, will I run from me, or towards me? I have chosen the latter. Most days, anyway. It is by focusing on my energy, good and bad, as well as the types of things and people that make me feel these ways that I have come to understand what is actually important to me. To cut a LONG story short, I have learned that I am at once tough and sensitive. I am at once indifferent to expectations and deeply empathetic. I am at once wanting to smile and cry. Complex and confusing, I know. But, that is me and that is part of the reason why I am eager to set forth on my wine adventure. Learning about wine feels right. If that is not enough of a reason for you, then well, bye. 

Cliffhanger! All will be revealed over the coming weeks xxxx

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