2020. Me, a Work in Progress.

Let’s dip our toes into the what and why of 2020. 2020 for me, that is. For me, the work in progress.

2020 overall intention: Respect myself. Respect my brain, my body, needs and aspirations. Everything else will fall into place.


  • Who: Spend as much time around, and/or being grateful for, these people as possible.*
    • Inspirations. My life.
      • Jennifer Bucholtz
      • Stephen Bucholtz
      • Elise Bucholtz
      • Jessica Power
      • Emily Veness Budin
    • Inspirations. Famous.
      • Marissa A. Ross – badass wine lover
      • Hilary Duff – badass Mum 
  • Where: Spend as much time in healthy locations as possible. 
    • Where do I feel alive?
      • The park
      • Near water
      • With friends
      • Alone time 
    • Living possibilities
      • Melbourne
      • Canada
      • The UK 
      • Germany 
      • The Netherlands
      • New Zealand
  • When
    • 2019 taught me to be proactive, but not to rush. As the fairy Godmother said, “even magic takes a little time”. 2020 feels like a “one step at a time” kind of race. 
  • Mental 
    • More of this:
      • Being self-aware
      • Being in the moment 
    • Less of this:
      • Obsessive thoughts
      • Self judgement 
  • Body
    • Every day is a new day.
    • My body is a blessing. It is a miracle that I can breathe and walk. 
    • Fitness and strength come first.
    • Listen to my body. Rest when I am tired and eat when I am hungry.
  • Career
    • WINE.
    • Be positive and open minded. A life of side hustles sounds fun.
    • Improve the blog and social media presence.
    • Study, study, study. 
    • Good people and a strong team culture are vital.
    • Don’t be afraid to accept help.
  • Family
    • Spend more time with my family. 
    • Accept them with their flaws and all.
    • Learn how to make myself unique.


I love a good quote. It’s the Disney fan in me. My why is best understood through these guys:

  • If we didn’t have change, we wouldn’t have butterflies.
  • Have courage, be kind.
  • All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
  • Life is a rollercoaster. Enjoy the ride. 

My Daily What.

aka. be present, bitch.

  • Mornings
    • Give myself time. 
    • Meditate. Establish a peaceful intention for each day. 
    • Start the day with good intentions: exercise, hydrate, eat well. 
  • Meal times
    • Enjoy each bite. Be grateful. 
    • Know what I am eating. Where do the ingredients come from? 
  • Night times 
    • Look after my skin.
    • Be quiet.
  • All the time
    • Live my best life. Don’t apologise for it. 
    • Let hate slide off. 

My Daily Why. 

  • It’s my life. It’s my gift and my responsibility. Fucking do it right.  

As 2019 was a year of monumental growth, I intend on making 2020 a year of strength and opportunity. Cheers to that xx


*Constantly evolving inclusions.

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