Why I want to get into wine. Part 3 | Gratitude.

I could talk for days about why I want to get into wine. Things could get really deep and meaningful, discussing my family’s influence. Things could stay logical and considered, talking about the potential for a DIY, freelancer lifestyle. Check out my Part 1 and 2 blogs for those convos. So, as to not bore you too much, the last thing I wanted to say in terms of the wine industry as my fine industry (haha I’m a dork) is that for me, a moment with wine represents one of the most pure and accessible magical moments. That is the real winner. 

Magical moments are my thing.

Think about it. When sharing a wine, you are never sad. Or if you are sad, you won’t be after another glass. You, in theory, are never in a rush. Unless you are pre-gaming and in that case, perhaps you (let’s be real, I) should have taken more time to get ready ha. Working on it. That is, when there is wine in the room, the moment is often one of appreciation. One of gratitude. 

These are my Christmas Eve carafes. Shared with two very special people, at a historic Parisian venue. I remember feeling more and more grateful with each sip.

Whether it’s a solo moment of gratitude, or shared with someone meaningful, ‘wine time’ means slowing down. Y’all know I could do with a splash of slowing down. When I am reading about, listening to, or tasting the stuff, wine time is me time. Thank God. Perhaps I feel particularly strongly about slowing down because of the personal growth I have worked on this year. It’s been pretty monumental. That’s great and something I am proud of, but I have not given myself a chance to let it soak in. Yet… With more wine time I am promising myself to take the time to let things soak in a little. I am promising myself to absorb life. To be in the moment. To be in the magical moment. 

This silly sign found in Cologne has a good point!

More than that, with all of the self development across 2018/19 (from my mental health diagnosis to my current French walkabout), I have done too much work on me to slide into a career that does not support that. A career that does not support my need for daily gratitude. A career that I would undoubtedly try to make feel natural, just because “it is the right thing to do”. No. Ain’t nobody got time for that!* Rather, as I see it, your career should reflect who you are. Finance guys love organisation and math (and money). Lawyers love to debate and win. A wine industry gal loves creativity, community and… wine! That is, with wine, I can be myself. I can create a new plan. Who knows what this plan will look like, but it will certainly be lined with gratitude and fun xx 


*Do people still say that?

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