Wine podcast AOC hierarchy.

If there is something that wine lovers love more than drinking wine, it’s talking about wine. Although, like in Bordeaux, there are terrible podcasts that should not see the light of day (haha, you know how I feel about bulk Bordeaux) and others that are excellent quality and should be shared with great joy. At their best, they are informative, fun and can be like listening to friends chatter away. When you are a solo learner, independent traveller and all round lone wolf, the wonderful world of podcasts can be a great companion. 

I have gone full Burgundy and broken down my favourite wine podcasts via my take on the AOC hierarchy. Grand Cru, Premier Cru and Village AOC. All great in their own way, the podcasts, like different wines, are each appropriate at different moments. You know, you can’t drink Grand Cru all day every day without a bit of Village AOC up in there. Variety in Burgundy is the same as variety in podcasting. When I’m walking down a busy street I want light listening, when I’m in study mode, I need a more considered approach. Sometimes I crave facts and other times, opinions. Sometimes I feel like something fruity and light and others, spicy and complex. You know what I mean. Check out my take on the below wine podcasts and give them a listen. I sure have learned a bunch! 

Again, these are just my silly thoughts, not official reviews. I just believe what I believe, ya know. 

Grand Cru. = The UK wine show. 

Hosts: Chris Scott.

Starting with wine news, this podcast hits the ground running every time. I feel current and up to date whenever I listen to The UK wine show. Chris knows his wine. He speaks with confidence and comfort at the same time. Easy to listen to and always humble. Each week, Chris tackles a new topic. From The UK as a rising wine producer, to China as an increasing wine consumer, the show is an easy going mix of news and qualified opinion. Chris takes things seriously when they need to be and keeps it light hearted the rest of the time. If you are keen to keep up with wine industry folk and chime in on political and cultural issues, Chris should be your new podcast best friend. There are so many layers in each episode, all contributing to a well balanced and enjoyable experience. Just like a Grand Cru! I’d listen to his take on wine any day. 

Premier Cru. = Natural Disasters.

Hosts: Marissa A. Ross, Adam

Marissa and Adam represent everything that I love about natural wine. They are fun, laid back and just all round cool kids. I can imagine myself sitting on their couch, chatting with them about all things. Not even wine related, just all things. They cover topics as wide as their interest in Chris Nolan films, to the questionable US trend of crown-capping still wines. Their takes on current issues are insightful and genuine. These convos are a really nice intro to the sometimes intimidating world of wine talk. You can really feel their personalities and passion for natural wine and getting rid of the bullshit. Adam and Marissa are fed up with the snobbery in wine and want to be part of the change. They are. At the end of the day, I listen to Natural Disasters when I want to think, but not that hard. I mean that in the best possible way. It’s fun and entertaining and something that perfectly matches a walk along the river, or cooking dinner. A perfect Premier Cru! If you are into the natural wine world, you’ll get it. 

Village AOC. = Wine for normal People.

Hosts: Elizabeth Schneider

I listen to this one when I really want to learn something. Elizabeth is informative and always provides insightful interviews. With most guests being winemakers, topics tend to lean towards winemaking and the various intricacies. Elizabeth interviews people from all corners of the globe and has a great sense of globalisation in wine. I recommend paying fairly close attention, you never know what little tips you might pick up. However, just like a Village level Burgundy, there are not too many flavours notes to get excited about. Yes, the content is varied and interesting, but just make sure you break it up with other listening. The format is a little dry and doesn’t come with too many laughs. It’s a good podcast, don’t get me wrong. Once a week is nice.

All in all, there is a wealth of Burgundy and a wealth of wine podcasts out there. We are fortunate enough to have one for each occasion. Much like drinking wine itself, there is a pod for enjoyment, a pod for learning and perhaps a pod for the inbetween. Bonne écouté!  

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