Character Inspiration 3: Fairy Godmother.

When your name is ‘fairy godmother’, you had better live up to everything that it suggests. Things that come to mind right away are:

  • Being magical
  • Being generous
  • Having a great sense of timing
  • Never asking for anything in return

Fairy Godmother ticks them all!

I’d say that Cindy was pretty damn lucky to have a pal with all of those qualities. Fair, she has been through a shitty life, but having that sweet little ol’ lady rock up just in time was… well, magic.

*Insert Disney history sidebar here*

Did you know that Walt’s favourite animation moment was Cinderella’s transformation from rags to ballgown? Despite him not being Cinderella’s biggest fan (she was made on a tiny, WW2 budget, with a bunch of necessary cost cutting – ekk), he absolutely adored the beauty and magic that the transformation represented. For Walt, that was a dream come true.


Helping others shine

We know the obvious. Fairy Godmother comes along and gives Cinderella “everything she needs to make her dreams come true”. The dress, the carriage, the shoes. All that is great. Who doesn’t love a makeover? If anyone would like to donate some size 12 glass slippers, I’ll give em a good home ha! However, for me, the true magic of a fairy godmother visit is the shake up that it can bring.

Pre fairy godmother (let’s go with FGM for now, it’s easier), Cindy wasn’t able to see past her current situation. She was down in, well, the cinders. It was an unexpected visit from an unexpected friend that took her out of what she knew and catapulted her into her future.

On the daily, it can be so easy to be swept up in your own problems. We have all been there! But, doesn’t it feel good when you help someone out? Even if it’s just a small “hey you, you’re great”, the thought can lift your mood instantly. So, try to channel your inner FGM and give your pals a lil shout out. In a world of negativity and scandal, it is the little moments of joy, positivity and innocence that can keep us together. If you put yourself out there and lend a helping hand every now and then, you just might find yourself with a bigger smile, who knows?

Selflessness is next to godliness. Is that a thing? If not, let’s say that selflessness is next to fairy godmother’liness… it works, trust me! Full disclaimer though, I’m certainly not preaching for the ‘godliness’ life. Whatever you do, please don’t become a martyr, or everyone’s rock. It’s not up to you (or me) to be there for everyone, all the time. When it feels right, or you have a little extra sparkle to give, give it.

Trust the process

One of my major flaws is that I expect every change that I make to be speedy. If I’m trying to change a habit, I’d like it overnight (please and thank you). If I’m trying to get over someone, I’d like that right now (wouldn’t it be so much better that way?)… Like I said, I’m working hard to change these expectations. They are not realistic and I know it.

Instead, giving yourself time can be a type of self love. Acknowledging that each day is new and full of potential magical moments, each a little stronger than the day before can be a freeing experience. Scratch that, it IS always a freeing experience.

As you know, I am working to manage my bipolar. Sometimes I get worried that I’ll always be broken. I worry that no one will love me, I’ll be like lil Cindy forever. It’s true, even though I’m really proud of myself and am on a journey of self discovery, I have moments where I feel like shit and “the light at the end of the tunnel” is the last thing I care to look for. Perhaps I’m having a moment like that right now? Just sayin.

At times like that, all is not lost. How so? Because I have accepted that I am on a journey. Note that I say “journey”, not race to the finish line, where getting there makes me a winner. That’s the thing, most important changes are not a race. Most important changes are about you and no one else. Sure, Cinderella had the clock against her, but a part of reality that I’m really thankful for is that we don’t need to be home by midnight (sure, we get sleepy these days, but that’s a whole other story).

So, when FGM reminds Cindy that:

“Even magic takes a little time”.

She is not just telling Cindy to STFU and be patient, but reminding us all that Cindy needs to trust the process of growth and change.

Think about it. If Cindy were to run and jump and rush to the ball before the time was right, she would miss out on all of the other details that FGM had up her sleeve.

  • Coach
  • Coachmen
  • The midnight rule
  • … The shoes!

That would have ruined the whole damn thing!

I suppose it all comes down to trust. Trust in the universe, trust in others and trust in yourself (*que corny and cliche music*). Seriously though, what I am trying to say is that FGM has reminded me that everything has a season. There is a time for rest, growth, progress and we just need to give is “a little time”.  

As always, I could talk all day about Disney and mental health. For now, let’s focus on helping others shine and trusting the process. I’ll take that!