Character Inspiration 4: Pocahontas.

If not for her epic hair, cheeky sidekicks and ability to nail a stupidly dangerous cliff dive, there are so many reasons to be inspired by one Miss Pocahontas. She is a dreamer, a risk taker and knows that her current situation is just for now and not for forever. Looking to the future, but appreciating the present, she is a princess for all the right reasons.

Risk taker

You know what I just did? Inspired by the adventurous spirit of Pocahontas, I just booked myself a one way flight to France… Yep, I took a deep breath in and clicked “book now”. I’m feeling alive, energised and know that taking this risk is worth it – so worth it! Just like Pocahontas runs, jumps and flies through the wind (*que colours of the wind*), I’ve decided to do the same and could not be more excited.

Pocahontas reminds us that something that may seem predictable and boring doesn’t need to be. Her free spirit is rare and unapologetic. She sees a special kind of beauty in the world and it’s unknown adventures. For Pocahontas, it’s rivers, rocks and trees: “What I love most about rivers is, you can’t step in the same river twice. The water is always changing, always flowing.”

For us, this could be something like the five day grind, relationships and our paying painful Sydney rent. Things that seem inevitable and unchanging, but are really in our control to manage and own. It’s up to us to shake things up.  

“To be safe, we lose our chance of ever knowing…”

Who needs safety? Not me! It’s much more exciting to take a chance and, I know it’s a bit corny, but just go for it. Make like Pocahontas and skip the “being safe” part and … live.

Appreciates the little things

Remember Pocahontas running through the pastel leaves with good old John Smith? Not only is the animation stunning and the music epic, but the message behind Colours of the Wind has to be up there in the most meaningful Disney songs:

  • The beauty of living in the moment
  • The power of being grateful for everything
  • Not being a selfish jerk

This point is particularly relevant for me. I’ve spent too long thinking I was living in the moment, but I wasn’t really. With my intrusive negative thoughts, it’s been really difficult to focus on the here and now. I’ve missed so many lovely everyday moments. I may have been physically present, but my brain has been elsewhere. For that, i am sorry and I now know how important focusing on the present really is. The colours of the wind only stay that way for a certain time. Life and all of the little blessings need to be enjoyed while they can be.

Pocahontas is my top reminder of our responsibility to enjoy this beautiful world we live in – on this day, in this minute, in this second.

Doesn’t take shit from boys

Ahh Kocoum. He ticks all of the boxes, but just doesn’t have the somethin’ somethin’ that a girl like Pocahontas needs. We all know that nice boys are boring, but Pocahontas’ relationship with Kocoum isn’t really about him. It’s about her. Pocahontas is aware of herself and her needs. She knew it would be wrong for her to lead him on and be untrue to herself. That kind of awareness and honesty is brave. It’s only because she is so in tune with herself that she could so easily leave the most eligible bachelor hanging. #ladypowers.

They say that you need to love yourself before you can love someone else. Pocahontas is the perfect example of this. It was only when she was fully becoming herself that the right kind of spirit jumped in front of her. John Smith came along at the perfect time. Oh heyyyy!

The biggest lesson that I’ve learned from her love life is that we can’t force it. Love (whatever that is) will find you naturally. We just need to be ourselves and be really damn honest when it comes to who we should pursue and who we should probably let move on. There is no point in being with someone just for the sake of it (it’s actually probably a bad thing). Enjoy your own company and when it’s meant to be, it will be… you know Pocahontas is right.