The Why.

The winemaking process is a complex series of simple decisions. The winemaker has to say yes or no to endless questions at every turn. They have to know what they have got to work with and how to make the most of that. How does the terroir influence the wine? What is the market demanding? It’s no mystery why wine tastes the way it does, it is simply the result of these basic choices. 

Where are you making wine? What climate are you in? Are you on a hill? These questions require straightforward answers. The more clear the answer, the more well defined the wine can be. What type of wine will you make? Who will drink it? The winemaker must first justify these choices when she first decides to make wine. This is what will paint the picture that is the final product. Sounds straight forward. 

Why are you making wine? Now, that one is a little more tricky. Is there a defined answer? Not always. This is where the winemaker can become confused. That damn “why” question can get even the most organised. It can get you even if you have figured out all the other “whats” and “whys”. However, at the end of the day, none of the other questions matter unless the winemaker has nailed this one. Without knowing the “why I am doing this” part, you may as well just stick to beer (no insult to beer intended!). 

Sounds silly, but the importance of the “why” over the “what” runs through every part of life. Every single part. This makes it easy to find a great number of similarities between the winemaking process and, well, deciding on how to live your life.

COVID has certainly played havoc on my “why”. Within the highs and lows of isolation life, and having all of your “new year, new me” plans come to a halt, they why has been a little muddled. Motivation has dropped and I have been feeling a bit shit. Just saying. Not depressed, just shit, ya know? This made me ask why am I feeling this way (outside of the obvious doomed state of the world)? After weeks of not knowing where my lack of motivation was coming from, it hit me. I have lost my…”why”. 

Similar to Austin Powers and his loss of mojo, my loss of “why” has impacted my day to day decision making and made me lose sight of the person I am and want to be. Yes, I just compared myself to Austin Powers. Sorry. I could never be as groovy. 

So, what next? How do we fix this?

I need to go on a little hunt for that all important “why”. She is out there, I know it.

Watch this space x

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