Hello Wine. I love you.

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How about a glass?

Wines I have recently tasted  (October, 2019)

Why I am taking this wine thing seriously.

Why I want to get into wine. Part 1 | Family. 

Why I want to get into wine. Part 2 | DIY. 

Why I want to get into wine. Part 3 | Gratitude.

The Somm I’ll never forget.

Admitting you don’t know is the first step to magic.

Great wine books for you secret wine nerds. 

Montpellier wines. How do I feel about them now?

2020 wine intentions. Better late than never?

Cassis. Only one glass. 

Wine podcast AOC hierarchy. 

Wine tastings. My thoughts. 

Why visiting a wine region is priceless

Thank goodness for wine women. 

Five questions to ask in the wine store.

Why do you want to get into wine?

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