Food poisoning in Paris.

SO… Not all food experiences in Paris are good.

The past 48hrs have been nothing short of hell. I’ll spare you the details, but I am sure you can imagine. After consuming what I can only guess was contaminated supermarket lettuce, I now see food in a slightly different way. Here is what I have learned:

Sickness in a foreign country sucks. The feeling of isolation has never been more real. Sure, when I was stuck in the Doha airport for unfair visa mishaps I felt alone, but at least I could stand up properly. Having shivers and not being able to walk was truly scary. I was at a loss for options. I couldn’t just call my local doctor, or have my friends bring me supplies. I was alone. Very alone. The only thing that made sense was to sleep all day. For someone who is all about “making the most of each day”, that was rough on it’s own. Thankfully the sleep helped and I am feeling a lot better.

Emotions can be contaminated too. For some unknown reason, I decided to mess around on social media. Bad move! We all know that social media reflects only the things that people want us to see, but my sickness didn’t care for that. Taking a peek into my friendly “perfect lives” or even my own past life was not the best move. I added crying to my list sad activities. Disclaimer, totally over the emotions now! Phew.

Listening to my body is crucial. Sure, I could have pushed myself and worked today. However, with the way I was feeling this morning that would have been a bad idea. No appetite and no energy do not make a good recipe for a quality work day. It was a much better idea to rest and recover. This little (or big, not sure) body of mine needs to be looked after. Who knew that I could sleep so much?! Perhaps this food poisoning episode was a wake up call. A “take a step back bitch”, if you will. I am always pushing my body to be more toned, have more energy, do more things. Maybe that is not what is best. Looking after myself is actually what is best? I will take this as a lesson. Have courage, be kind and listen to my body.





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